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ZR-7:The Red House Seven

If you haven’t already seen the movie ZR-7: The Red House Seven….then you’re wrong. Why are you dulling? But out of the niceness of my heart (because I’m such a nice and sharing person) I’ll tell you a bit about it.

ZR-7 is a film that follows TJ as he relives his first term in boarding school, the friends he made and the hoops they had to jump through just to get by…and when they catch a teacher in a compromising situation, it takes them on a roller coaster ride.

I spoke with Udoka Oyeka, Femi D. Ogunsanwo, Chidi and Chiedu Nwaozomudoh, the young men behind Applegazer& Karmacause Productions and they had a few things to say…

What brought about ZR-7?

We were working on a different script where the characters had to flashback to a boarding school scene, but we found that we couldn’t decide on which story to pick because we had so many stories from back in the day. It was only right to make a feature film based on our boarding school experiences.

What was the greatest challenge you faced in the production of ZR-7?

That would be casting and location. The film was shot while the school was in session, so we had to work around the school’s schedule….which wasn’t easy at all.

Why is ZR-7 different from your regular nollywood movie….why should we spend money on it?

The film’s totally different from the regular nollywood movie because it focuses on a subject matter that hasn’t ever been done before. There has never been a film about boarding school or even one where the main characters are little boys. We have great untapped talents here in this country and it’s high time we tapped into them. Also, the genre is unique…it’s drama-adventure to say the least, but has a lot of comedy in it. Everyone should see this film because we’ve all either been through these situations or at least know people that have. Plus it’s a very entertaining piece.

So, when’s it out in Cinemas?

It’s out in Silverbird and Genesis Deluxe¬†Cinemas nationwide on the 19th of August.

What’s next on the list? What should we expect from Applegazer & Karmacause?

We are currently working on our next project. We just finished work on the script, but we’re keeping it under wraps for now. Soon enough though…but everyone needs to go see ZR-7, they’re guaranteed to be entertained.

The Premiere of the movie took place on the 12th of August, 2011 at the Oriental Hotel Lekki.

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Red House 7…aka ZR7